To hire a room the tenant and “OMEGA DOMIKI” sign the following documents
a) Private hiring contract of studio b) Concession of equipment usage.

a) The private hiring contract mentions the following:

  1. Complete elements of the contractors
  2. The duration of the hiring
  3. The monthly amount of hiring
  4. The lease will be used exclusively as residence of the lease-holder. The conversion of the use of the lease is explicitly prohibited. The partial or total concessions of its use, with or without return, the change of hiring state or the housing of another person are also prohibited.
  5. The warranty for the precise compliance with the terms of this contract, and the agreement to devolve it to the lessor , in case of infringement of any term of this contract. Explicitly it is agreed that the warranty is not set off with owed rentals. In case of infringement of any term of this contract, the warranty remains to the lessor.
  6. Any modification, change or addition in the hiring, apart from air conditioning systems is prohibited. In case of installation of such appliances, these will remain on hiring without indemnification of tenant.
  7. The tenant has the obligation to abide by the rules of building and also not to disturb the rest of the tenants of the building. The use of drugs and the excessive consumption of alcohol in the hiring are prohibited. The tenant is responsible for the repair of any possible damage. The tenant hires a painted and clean studio and he is obliged in case of discontinuation or expiry of hire to leave it painted and clean.
  8. The tenant is charged with the payment of shared maintenance expenses that corresponds in the hiring studio and also the payment of the main water and natural gas bill, as well as the payment of any maintenance expense, even though it is registered in the third name person.
  9. The infringement of any term of this contract, the delay of the payment of the rent, the impermissible change of his use, the impermissible modification or addition and the not duly payment of shared maintenance expenses and remaining accounts or the abandonment of hiring, give in the lessor the right to denounce the hire and evict the tenant.
  10. Each amendment of terms of hire will only be stated in writing.

b) The Concession of equipment usage mentions the following:

  1. Complete elements of the contractors
  2. The hiring duration time
  3. The detailed equipment of studio
  4. The lessor grants the use of studios’ equipment to the tenant that is described above in term (3), as long as the hiring contract lasts. The lessor also grants in the tenant for the duration of hiring convention the usage of two (2) laundries set in a communal area of building.
  5. At the end of hiring convention before the tenant leaves the inventory equipment protocol will be held , that is described in term (3), so that to estimate their initial situation. If are realized wear, more those of normal use, the amount that is required for their re-establishment, it will be kept from the amount of warranty. If the warranty is not sufficient for the restitution, the tenant is obliged to balance immediately his expenses.
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