"OMEGA DOMIKI Building Enterprises" established in Thessaloniki in the same form that has today since 2000. Our company deals with design, manufacture, configuration and supervision of housing. It creates high quality studios and hires them.

The ensuring of residence in individuals as students, professionals with temporary obligations and regular visitors of our city represents our objective purpose.

Our aim focuses on autonomy of each studio, combining the careful design with the special and qualitative settlements. We intend to design a qualitative place so as to cover completely all your necessities and your aesthetics.

Our experience and continuous updating in the market of real estate and structural materials, guarantees the reliability of each project that we undertake. Our premise is to take advantage of the room and turn it so that to serve all your modern needs, retaining however their simplicity and functionality.

The philosophy of our company is to accomplish solutions for the satisfaction of any need of modern housing services in any kind of person like Students, Professional visitors, Lawyers, Military, Engineers from the all world.

The main objects of our occupation are:
To research, construction and supervision of residences, Sale, renting and hiring of real estates.

Our rooms are found in central points as well as in the Eastern region of city.

It is important to mention that our company continuously seeks for suitable building groups in the area of Thessaloniki to build more studios. Each project that we undertake is supported by experienced engineers, specialised technicians and experts in market of real estates.

Click here to see the Facilities, Pictures and Photos of the studios. You can also read the terms of housing and some recommended facilities during the housing in the studios of “OMEGA DOMIKI”

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Alexandrias 124, Ntepo, 54646
Watch a panoramic 360° photo of a
Two Bed Studio at Alexandrias street!
Panepistimiou 5, Evaggelistria , 54636
Panoramic photo of the building
Kalis Elpidos 16, Evaggelistria, 54636
Panoramic view from the balcony