The city of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the metropolis of Northerner Greece. It is the capital of Macedonia, one of the most historical cities of Europe and the second in population city of Greece. It is considered the crossroad of culture. City’s commercial activity in combination with its history and its sights, bring about in its exceptional fame.


Thessaloniki, a modern megalopolis, has population above one million residents. The region of Thessaloniki is the most important administrative area of Central Macedonia.

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Thessaloniki is inhabited from prehistoric years, in the borders of region traces have found. It was founded 315b.c. by Kassandros, King of Macedonia, who was wedded the sister of Alexander the Grade in Thessaloniki. Also in 148b.c. Thessaloniki was the capital of Roman region of Macedonia.

Golden Century about 1300a.c. is the period that Thessaloniki has self-government and a peculiar autonomy with strong economy that attended to shows off it. Also this period is characterized for widest artistic and intellectual life, the splendid monuments, the exceptionally decorated churches and the factories of copper, iron and paper.

After the 16th century the city was turned into a cosmopolitan centre.

Sights and Monuments

A tour in Thessaloniki is enough in order to reveal the abundance of sights from different historical periods. The most important is the White Tower that constitutes the mark of city. Further sights that are suggested to visit are the following:

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Alexandrias 124, Ntepo, 54646
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Two Bed Studio at Alexandrias street!
Panepistimiou 5, Evaggelistria , 54636
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